Some quick notes on an assertion of mine…

Something I came up with this morning over a cup of coffee. Also, this may be slightly incoherent in my attempt to put this into “layman’s terms”.

Power stems from
a) Biological needs ex: The neeed to eat, sleep, be healthy
b) What people place their values on. Ex: Longetivity in life, desire for health, consumerist wants, ect.
* B could be a result of structuralist society (think Marx’s false conciousness).

Biological needs are necessary because people have to be in existence in order to have power over them. Vested interests (b) are necessary because they give power something to be in power over.

The next step is to imagine a society where biological needs are overcome, by some technical matter or otherwise, and social values are completely eroded, including, and most importantly, existential preference. This can take those who contemplate this matter in two directions: One is an important assertion and the second is what society would look like with the absense of a and b.

The assertion (I will not lie, I was proud of myself when I came up with it; call it egosim) is that power relations define our identity as both societies and individuals. In other words, we realize ourselves through power relations by the exploitative means we subject ourselves to and the exploitative means we subject others to by asserting power over them.

I haven’t spent too much time contemplating what a powerless society would look like, perhaps because I am not imaginative enough to do such a thing. I have a feeling it would be absent of states, cultural identities, prejiduces, and would be entirely athiestic. More thought will be directed to what this society will look like.

I also intent to make a more formal analysis of this, hopefully going into much more detail. In the mean time, feel free to comment and critique anything I just said. This is important to me because nobody talks to me about this stuff in KTown.

There will likely be many more postings because I am bored here and have nothing else to do.

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