Back to blogging…

It’s time to get off “serious” blogging and start just using this as a personal journal of sorts.

I work as a wildland firefighter which sounds much more interesting than it actually is. We haven’t been getting many fires lately and the ones we do get are not very big. There have been exciting moments, such as the time we stopped a fire moments before it took off uphill, but most of the time on a fire is spent digging a line around the fire to contain it or mopping it up which also involves a lot of digging.

On those days we don’t get fires, we usually spend half the day running around the district looking for abandon campfires and the rest of the day we take off to the Guard Station which is a small house with beds for workers to stay overnight if they are looking for just a couple hours extra pay. The guard station has a television with an XBox. Needless to say, the XBox gets a thorough workout with four or five bored crew members.

Today we subscribed to the formula above. I’m not complaining, mainly because these days go by quick, but I certainly cannot wait for this season to be over so I can be back at school.

3 thoughts on “Back to blogging…

  1. everyday.. ill wish u wont get any fire to extinguish! hahhaha! and just practice with ur xbox and be world champions!!

  2. Goodluck! ill be cheering for u guys! U can do cross world puzzles or even a new hobby like knitting or cross stitch hahhaha! i heard it good for dexterity.. but i suggest to do ballet! makes one flexible! hahhaha!

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