160… 6.8

Thursday/Friday=my day off. You’d think I’d stop being lazy and post blog entries instead of entertaining myself with aimless projects and unproductive activities. What? Blog entries are not productive? I don’t believe it. I refuse to…

A productive activity(?): Keeping in shape. I stepped on the scale today and was surprised to see… 166.8! .4 pounds lighter than the last time I stepped on. Like always, I weighed myself 3 times to make sure the reading was accurate and sure enough, 166.8. .4 lbs closer to my goal of 160. My nightly 5k runs have been paying off!

That is, until I remembered I had hardly been properly hydrating myself today. While I am a little disappointed, I feel it is more important to be healthy while loosing weight as opposed to dehydrating yourself in order to make yourself feel better about the number on the scale. Besides, this isn’t about the number on the scale. I’m more interested in a personal sense of satisfaction, a sense that I’m making a proactive effort to change my body for the better. I’m just using the scale as a way to measure, but if I don’t measure myself according to the conventions I’ve set, the number means nothing. What I’m doing is merely out of boredom, not out of dissatisfaction with my physique.

Aside from procrastinating on 日本語の勉強すること (Japanese language study), I spoke with a couple of Morman missionaries on why they thought I was lost and had no direction or purpose in life. It was entertaining and I promised them I would read their book, but their main argument was that I would know God exists by the feeling I got after reading their book. I’ll read it, but…

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