The Desirable Travel Experience (for me)

Japan and Germany are tied for the places I want to visit the most. Germany has its pull because it is the land of my ancestors, but Japan, I think, is more attractive to me. Here’s why:

I’ve been studying Japanese for about a year now, and I’ll admit, I’m not good at it. However, I’ve had friends with little or no prior foreign language experience become fairly fluent in Japanese. Their secret? They’ve traveled to Japan on foreign exchange programs, some with no prior knowledge of Japanese, and made serious efforts to engage in Japanese culture, which means copying native speakers and speaking as much as possible. I’ve heard some of them describe themselves as toddlers who are just learning how to speak.

Being thrust into a country whose language I have only an elementary understanding of… That’s what I want.. or at least, that’s what I think I want. I guess in this situation the old maxim of being careful about what one wishes for applies here most.

As a quick aside, it rained today. The rain re-moisturized fuels that had been drier than ever making it just that more unlikely that our district will get any sort of significant fire in the near future.

Watch me eat my words in a couple days…

3 thoughts on “The Desirable Travel Experience (for me)

  1. I would love to visit Germany! But you’ve got a very valid point. If you are so keen on improving your Japanese, you really should go there. Nothing like living and talking with and in the natives to learn their language! 🙂

  2. This is just my experience, rbukhtiy, but the ones I’ve known have been extremely hospitable. Granted, there are some hardcore nationalist in Japan, but in what country isn’t there?

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