I miss..

Eh, this blog seems to be getting more popular. Kudos to all you randoms who have been reading. I appreciate it, seriously.

It is no secret that I feel my job leaves much to be desired. Sure, I can go around and tell people I’m a fireman, and they get impressed for the better part of five minutes, but the lifestyle firefighters (especially seasonal wildland firefighters like myself) lead during and outside of firefighting is not what I want. One of my crew members and I were discussing this and he had a hard time believing that firefighting was not my everlasting passion. I really didn’t know what to say to him at the time, but I think now I have it figured out.

We were sitting at the guard station watching a movie. I was, as I always do, thinking about school and how bad I can’t wait to get back. One of the forest officers who overheard my conversation with my crewmember asked me what it was I missed so bad about school. In short, my answer is I miss all the little things that come with studying away from home such as:

-Getting up at 5:30 to get the first cup of fresh coffee at Cafe` Roma
-Running from one side of campus to the other to make it to class on time
-The satisfaction that comes with handing in “A” work
-Hanging out with people all over the country AND all over the world who I would otherwise never have the chance to so much as meet
-Engaging in a community that has a vested interest in you learning their language (I owe any knowledge I have of the Japanese language to an amazing group of Japanese exchange students)
-Discussing Mill with a classmate I just met 15 minutes ago
-Preparing food with friends that involve trimmings from all over the world
-Going to the bar and having a pint with friends at the term’s end
-Walking home to my apartment late at night after spending 5 hours in the library

It’s the small things like these that make college life so worthwhile and desirable. I’ve never had this much drive, motivation, desire… whatever it is I’ve never felt anything like it before. When I’m in Eugene, it feels like the rest of the world is open to me and all I have to do is choose which direction I want to go and I can go there. Perhaps this encompasses the “grander scheme of things”, but it is my daily engagement in the smaller aspects of college life that cause it to transcend from bearable to desirable.

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