I think blogs are fascinating. Under normal circumstances, I would never put my personal thoughts, goals, ambitions, study habits, whatever on a personal forum accessible to anyone, but myself and millions of others do it on a daily basis.

I was browsing a couple of my friends blogs and going through their posts when I felt a pang of shame. Should I be doing this? Do they want me to be reading what they’re putting on what is effectively their online diaries? What would I think if one of my friends was browsing through my blog without me knowing?I know I wouldn’t really care if my closer friends looked through what I was writing any more than I would the average Joe. In fact, I may actually encourage some to read. I’m sure most people would instinctively think that I should be more concerned about what random people are doing reading my blog as opposed to friends, but chances are my personal thoughts are less personal to them and more general whereas my personal thoughts to my friends would reflect upon my person and not just be seen as an idea.

Enough of this… off to bed. Big lightning storm (and hopefully some forest fires and overtime) tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Fascinating

  1. umm…actually, dude, I think that no one will post stuff “online”, (the whole purpose of which is to share information) unless they want people to read it.

    A Blog is meant for everyone. So if you write personal stuff, you are already aware that anyone can read it…

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