Without a title?

I was thinking today and… well, thinking is one hell of an accomplishment for me, so I decided to call it quits and go to bed. Being as I’m a nocturnal creature, however (and unfortunately), I decided to document a few of my thoughts. Here it goes:

Of course, I was thinking about going back to Eugene. I’m excited to go back, get into my new apartment, and enjoy life again, but getting ready to do that is a logistical nightmare. Thinking about everything that needs to be done makes me quiver with fear (unfurnished apartments require… well… furnishing, such as beds and desks and stuff. Moving them and making sure they fit in an apartment I have never seen before… argh!). I then got angry at myself (it happens) for not wanting to take care of business as this is a sign of my perpetual immaturity. I swear, I am the biggest slacker on the face of the planet.

Maybe one day, maybe one day, I’ll grow up and stop being the expert procrastinator/slacker/irresolute person I am. Maybe this should be my goal for the next two weeks.

Perhaps it’s not all true either. When I run, for example, I refuse to quit until I reach my goals, even though I hate physical exhaustion. When I set a distance, I can push myself much further than I think I can, even though I tell myself I’d rather exhaust myself mentally much sooner than I would exhaust myself physically.

I swear, I need to grow the fck up before the 15 when my spot for ISA starts.

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