Under Stress

Damn. Money.

Just found out that I have just enough money to cover my rent for the year with one more paycheck on the way (should be big… and I guess I have another one because my overtime for working last week won’t be on it) to cover in tuition what loans don’t. For food… well… obviously a part time job.

My parents want me up in Eugene on friday to look for a job, but I think a one day search is a waste of money. I’m going up because I feel… almost unwelcome at home on Friday. My mom and I got into an argument over what I should do, and she said she’d respect my decision and didn’t want me to feel pressured into doing something I think would turn out to be unfruitful, but I got the feeling she did want me to feel pressured. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel as if my ideas are not respected around the house… which is probably a sign that I need to move out permanently as soon as possible. But that won’t happen for ’bout two more years.

Anyway, tonight, I think I’m finally grasping (Julian Hershaw might say grokking? I’m a nerd) exactly how tight money will be this year.

I’m pretty f’ing proud I finally got a custom image header on my site. Took me forever to find just the right photo. It was actually taken from a beach retreat in Florence, OR that I went on with ISA… my first ISA event. We found a street called “Ocean way” which was literally right on the beach.

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