I woke up this morning realizing that today was the third or fourth day out of five that I’ve woken up at ten o’clock or later.

So much has changed since I’ve come back to Eugene. Instead of being stuck at home on my non-working days, I’ve barely spent a moment in my new apartment. Instead of adjusting my diet to accomplish my fitness goals, I’ve been getting off my ass to go running or lifting. And instead getting up every day at seven or eight, I’ve beg getting up at ten or eleven. In short, I’m enjoying life. Instead of existing, I’m living.

Some may say this is only the result of a week-off-of-school euphoria that will die (quickly) once school starts. I doubt it. I enjoy the atmosphere, the freedom from condemning opinions, the potential to touch the sky that “home” just doesn’t provide. I enjoy being given the opportunity to excel, to grow, to get stronger. Klamath Falls has no room for me to grow; I think Eugene does…  for now.
I like how I refer to going to school as “coming back” and going to Klamath as “leaving.”

In short, I’m glad I’m back.

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