Bored in Physics

My prof was right when he said that most people don’t actually believe the laws of physics. Example: throwing a fake lead brick into a crowd of people. Even though he obviously couldn’t generate enough force to chuck a lead brick into the crowd that he did with the fake, everyone still dove out of the way… even though it was light enough for wind resistance to cause it to fall less than 9.8m/s.

2 thoughts on “Bored in Physics

  1. What that is is the instinct for survival and to react against a threat. In that time of panic, we don’t have the time to think about whether a lead brick can be thrown or not, it’s more of, oh shit, something’s flying at me.
    The laws of physics are believed by rational beings, but when we’re confronted with threats, we aren’t rational beings.
    It’s like some soldiers have said…all the talk of honor, courage, the values that the military tries to teach, and all the politics of why we’re ‘over there’, that all goes out the window when someone’s shooting at you.

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