Tests and slacking

Ergh.. slacking on Japanese 201 again.

I found out I got a 90% on my Public Relations test. Normally, this isn’t a bad thing, but I’m a little disappointed.

First, I thought I had a greater understanding of the material than what I showed in class. Obviously, standardized testing is a horrible way to gauge one’s abilities in the mastery of a subject, but I still felt that I had at least the ability to better demonstrate my proficiency on that test.

Second, I’m sure I guessed correctly a couple of times on the test. I know those answers are marked as correct on the test, but in my head, I know I don’t know that material.

But, I’m not going to sweat it too much because A) I got a 90%, and that’s an A(-) and B) The material presented isn’t vital to becoming a well-practiced Public Relations professional. Heck, most of the stuff we were tested over was history and the current state of the profession. No vocational skills at all.

Having said that, though, I hope for a better result next time.

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