One day

An old short Journal entry I wrote:

I wish, for just a few moments, I had the same abilities as Paul Muad’Dib.

Paul Muad’Dib is the main character of the book Dune. In this book, Paul eventually gains the ability to see into the future. He doesn’t see events as they will happen, but rather sees an infinite amount of possibilities; roads, paths, or possible outcomes. He sees the consequences of every action that can occur with a few exceptions in the book.

I think I see one path of my own… or at least, I’m pretentious enough to think I see one path. I want Paul’s abilities so I can see if this moment, this tragic moment, may in fact come to pass:

One day, she and I are walking down the sidewalk next to a field, sun lightly glowing on our backs as the canopy-esque maples shade our faces, hand-in-hand, or maybe arm-in-arm. Maybe through Paul’s ability I can see which, but that is unimportant. Anyway, we’re walking down the sidewalk, she perhaps the epitome of bliss while I, as usual, have my head in the clouds. She is on my left, or on my right; the future is too fuzzy; I can’t tell for sure.

My head, in a vain attempt to follow my mind, turns to the right.. or left, whichever is opposite of where she is relative to me. It is then that I see


who is omnipresent in my mind, my life, maybe as a result of my subconscious desire, even though my outward desire says, to myself only, otherwise. We lock gazes, as we have so many times, faint smiles on our faces, her eyes expressing a general sense of happiness, and my eyes… mine filled with… this is where seeing into the future, or at least a future possibility, is fuzzy. I can’t read my own emotions in such a vision, but I try not to worry. It is only a possibility in an infinite set of possibilities.

And I can only hope it remains only that: a possibility.

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