The clock on my computer reads 12:38 so…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Life on the homefront isn’t terribly interesting. The three things I’ve done today:

1) Played old GameCube games on my family’s Nintendo Wii with my siblings. Yes, classics such as “Super Smash Brothers” and “Soul Caliber” can still bring people together.

2) Went to the dentist to get a temporary cap on my tooth replaced with a permanent one. Seriously, I’m going to avoid ever EVER getting a root canal again. Talk about a pain…

3) Family dinner. Went to my Uncle/Grandmother’s huge house and had our annual pre-thanksgiving taste festival/dinner. Sampled everything that we’d be eating tomorrow… except, of course, the turkey. Mom’s apple pie (sugar crust) was the best.

The best part is, I haven’t been productive in the least! I haven’t looked at my homework or anything… but tomorrow, gotta crack down on studying… even if it is thanksgiving.

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