Limbaugh- “…don’t tell me he’s Ronald Reagan”

Rush Limbaugh is apparently caught up in another moment of nostalgia in wanting to compare every every presidential candidate to Ronald Reagan. In a recent WorldNetDaily article, he made his latest Reagan sound-off by adamantly denying that Republican presidential candidate and Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee is anything like the former President.
“I don’t support open borders and amnesty. I don’t support the release of hundreds of criminals. I don’t support repeated increases in taxes. I don’t support national health care, whether you call it a children’s program or whatever it is. I don’t support anti-war rhetoric. I don’t support Republican Candidates trashing the war in Iraq when we’re winning it. I don’t support Republican candidates claiming the president doesn’t read the National Intelligence Estimates as an excuse for him not knowing what the hell is in one. And that’s Governor Huckabee,” said Limbaugh in the WorldNetDaily article.

Ah, but does Limbaugh support an increase in government spending like Reagan did? If so, Huckabee might be Limbaugh’s huckleberry! Maybe the two are more alike than you thought, Rush. And if that wasn’t enough Reagan nostalgia to get you excited for brining in Huckabee, maybe this will get you going.

2 thoughts on “Limbaugh- “…don’t tell me he’s Ronald Reagan”

  1. I turned on my TV as I was going to sleep last night, and Chuck Norris was giving some prep talk for Huckabee. It was surprisingly boring, oh wait, Chuck Norris doesn’t have much of a personality. But, he sure can round house kick, and he is a great guy. He was talking about how he helped kids go from gang bangers to MIT students. He didn’t really talk much about Huckabee, go figure.

    I am so confused by the republican party, I am a registered republican, and i stand by my party, but i have little to no faith in most the candidates. I know you are not a fan, but as far as right now, I stand for Ron Paul, a true underdog. Based on what I’ve seen compared to the democratic and republican parties this time around, the republican party doesn’t really stand a chance.

    Which is fine, because I don’t really like most of the republican candidates. All I care is that Hilary loses, not because she is a woman, but because i am tired of this Clinton/Bush thing going on.

    I want an honest president, which is hard to come by these days.

  2. I’m actually supporting Ron Paul. I’m not too swayed by the underdog factor, but to be honest, he’s the only one who I feel understands the economy and foreign policy. Yeah, some of his ideas are borderline crazy, but his constitutionally centered ideas are a huge attraction to me.

    I feel that most other candidates are purposefully avoiding talking specifics in policy in order to attract more voters. I personally admire Paul for being transparent with his ideas because I know who I’m getting as a leader after I vote.

    Also, I’m a registered republican, and given the way things are going, I want to change it to registered Democrat, but my partly loyalty sways depending on who I feel is a great candidate.

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