Rationale: A tribute

I started and posted this earlier, swearing I’d come back to it. Now, I’m at work going over old vocabulary words, but I can’t continue until I finish this. It’s unexplainable, but I have to do this.
In addition to the millions of reasons I have for learning Japanese, I’ve come up with a few more. These are the ones that mean the most to me:

Reading that last letter my aunt sent to me a week before she died. She actually sent me two, one written in English and one in Japanese. From what I can gather, they’re the same content wise. Both encourage me to study and visit her family in addition to reminiscing about all the times she babysat me.

Sitting with my two of my exchange student friends  last year at a restaurant drinking bubble tea and talking about everything and nothing for four hours.

Meeting up with my tennis partner and correcting her paper, her paying me in coffee, Japanese help, or trips to the dining halls.

Marketing myself. People who are bilingual are highly likely to get jobs.

Countless promises to myself, my family, my friends.

Going off the last one, all of my friends from Waseda last year made a conscious effort to speak English every day they studied abroad and communicate using English. If I ever visit, I want to know what their experience was like.

3rd languages are much easier to learn than 2nd languages.

I need to visit a certain Starbucks, order a coffee and be nonchalant about it.

Nekodori-san told me to.

Long story short, I have a million and one reasons to learn. This needs to be updated every time I need prodding to study or inspiration to learn.

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