Wow, Stupid Me

I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with an old acquaintance who was away for a while. Last year, I was hesitant to hang around her because I couldn’t understand her motives. I never really talked to her much because I thought she was only concerned with stereotypical bleached-hair sorority girl thoughts.

She was only visiting Eugene for a year, but she came back for a week to tie up some loose ends she left behind. Fortunately for me, we were able to run into each other. Despite being hesitant to talk to her last year, I was excited to see her again. She told me why she had returned after we had talked for a while, which led to one subject, then another, then another… pretty soon, I realized I had a LOT in common with this girl.

I seriously regret not having talked to her last year. I desperately needed someone I could confide in and listen to, but felt like I had no one.


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