It’s Art!

I’m tired of hearing that journalistic writing is too dry, too boring, or too rule constrained to be art, especially that last point. Journalistic writing is artistic; it just takes a refined taste to see it for what it actually is.

Too confined in rules? Think of haiku poems. Haiku’s must be written 5, 7, 5 syllable lines. Few dispute whether or not they are art.

Too boring? Too dry? Maybe it’s just that we as Journalists see what others don’t; that is, perhaps we detect the subtleties in the writing.

I can look at every journalistic piece I’ve ever written, and just by the writing style, I can tell you what was going through my head when I wrote it, how I was feeling, ect. I can picture what other writers are feeling as I read their pieces as well.

It’s art.


3 thoughts on “It’s Art!

  1. One of my more hippyish friends commented that Journalistic writing was exclusively not art, so I had to retaliate. I didn’t give a damn at the time, but it pissed me off later. Engineering and Architecture, indeed.

    Thanks for the support!

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