Finals and Nostalgia

Last night was the first night the Knight Library was open 24/7. In light of the fact that my XBox kept distracting me (damn you College Football 2003), a change in location was most certainly welcome.I brought my laptop with me because a) it has all my homework on it and b) I finally figured out how to keep the damn thing charged. My AIM program, despite me never using it, was running. At about 3:00 a.m., one of my friends from Japan logged on. She’s currently in Uzbekistan doing whatever it is she does when traveling to various under-traveled parts of the world, but she took the better part of 20 minutes to chat with me.

We talked about finals, how she was graduating and securing a job, and how we both just wanted to be carefree for the next few months of our lives. I remember last year at this time, her, I, and another friend were doing the same thing I did last night; staying up all night in the library busting our butts for our classes and distracting each other at the most inappropriate of times.

Despite the amount of stress I was under, I really miss those moments. I miss spending hours talking about the various political ideologies that went into developing certain positions, or about how Roger Federer really is the best tennis player in the world. I miss going to China Blue, or Sweet Basil, or wherever and talking about everything and nothing. I miss outside japanese lessons, skipping Japanese class because my friends were better teachers, throwing surprise parties for friends, spontaneous coctail parties, Wednesday night trips to Highlands… it’s all stuff associated with last year, and my friends from last night brought that flood of memories back to me.

But it’s all stuff from last year, and it’s stuff I’ll never get back. Looking back is something I cannot afford to do, because then I’ll miss all the great stuff that’s coming.

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