This made me feel much better about my blog posts

I was trolling through one of the political blogs I frequent (yes, because I’m a social media whore) when I noticed someone ragging on the musings of a certain blogger. I’ve always felt that an attack on a person and not their ideas is never warranted, so I was about to sound off in defense. Before I could, though, I came across this:

This is a weblog. It’s *name omitted*’s web diary. I have one, too. I write to please myself, no one else. There are times when my remarks are intemperate. There are times when my remarks are incoherent. More probable, there are times when my “musings” are convoluted.

When I work, I make sure that these failings are absent the final work product. The freedom of a web diary is that such failings aren’t a necessary evil. What is more important to me is to get the raw gut of a writer. Often times I read and leave. Sometimes, like this time, I’ll leave a comment.

When I cruise through my morning list of weblogs I often stop by here. Sometimes I get a little mortar for the wall. Sometimes not.

You would do well to sit back and relax. If I want polished writing I’ll grab a book. If I want to hear someone’s take on a current topic, I’ll hit the weblogs. Opinions can be messy things. So can sex. But that fact probably won’t deter anyone.

Made me feel a whole lot better about the lack of quality of my posts.

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