I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in some of my recent dreams.

In the dream, I’m within arms reach of a certain goal. This is usually a goal that I’ve been actually working toward in life. Every time I think I’m going to achieve it, some barrier prevents me. No matter what I do to get around it, something comes up, something that is bigger than me or beyond me comes up and keeps me from whatever it is that I want. It’s funny because the barrier starts out as something small and easily able to be mitigated, then grows to something huge and unmanageable after trying to fix it.

But last night, I had success. I was on a train trying to get to San Fransisco when my train car detached from the rest of the train. Fortunately, we were still attached to the engine which enabled us to keep moving along. We almost got into a car wreck. There was a hostage situation on the train. The doors got stuck and we weren’t able to get out. My parents called and demanded I come home (trust me, it makes sense in a dream).

But I made it. Stepping off outside of 3Com Stadium, I ran down the street in celebration, eager to call all my friends and let them know I was alive.

I know; silly dream. But I can’t help but wonder if those dreams are some sort of reflection on the direction I’m heading in life.

1 thought on “Barriers

  1. Dreams intrigue me also. As an adult I have somewhat learned how to manipulate my dreams while in the midst of them. I used to have horrible nightmares as a child, sometimes I would even have the same one over and over for weeks. It was really bizarre. I used to have dreams with hallways full of doors. The hallways and doors were usually bright white, but when I opened one of them I would always wake up. Then there were the dreams where I was being chased, but I couldn’t run and my voice wouldn’t work so I couldn’t scream for help. Somewhere along the line, I noticed I could change things during my dream. It was like I just said to myself “This is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. I could give myself powers to kick the bad guy’s butt. Or I could change the face of some really creepy looking monsters. I stopped having nightmares all together after that. Perhaps you are learning how to control your dreams too. Maybe it is a sign that you know how to get what you want. Who knows? I have heard the expression that “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Sometimes I think our dreams are really the “windows”.

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