Soo last year

Relationships change, and a lot should be expected to change in a year. Still, it’s weird how, during the course of one evening, one person can decide to omit you from their lives forever.

I want to say “their loss,” but I’m not so sure anymore.

4 thoughts on “Soo last year

  1. Just because it is their loss doesn’t mean it isn’t yours, as well. “Their loss” isn’t as much of a revenge thing to me as it is just trying to remember that they aren’t heartless and did care at one time.
    It’s a little easier going through it knowing that they felt the same about you at one time or another.

  2. Just look at this as an opportunity for you. I have had this happen a couple of times, where someone close to me just decides to omit me from their lives. Sometimes without even hearing my side. It is difficult, but life was never meant to be easy. Hold on there bro, better things are just around the corner.

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