Things are really lovely here

It’s easy to lose track of how fortunate I am to be at school when I have homework piled up high and awaiting my attention. I was thinking the other day how bad I wanted everything to be over, to have graduated and finished college. I was sick of the workload and all my extracurriculars and wanted to be in the workforce and done with school.

It’s easy to loose sight of the fact that the real world throws so much more at people than our little micro-chasm we have at the UofO does. We are sheltered from any sort of real responsibility, save that of being diligent with our studies and paying rent. Where else can we spend a couple hours studying, a couple hours working with a student group, and a weekend hanging out with friends?

That’s not to say I’m not ready for things to be over completely. 75% of the time, my normal motivated self is ready to go out into the real world and get my hands dirty in an actual profession instead of just studying about it most the time, but on days where it seems I’m overwhelmed with work and can’t muster enough energy to get things done, I long for something else.

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