Sometimes, it’s too easy for me to get down on myself when something seems to not work out. I made a phone call, but was sent strait to voice mail. A couple hours later, I started to get worried because I hadn’t been called back. How stupid! For all I know, the phone’s battery could have been dead, the recipient could have been on the phone with family (they live far away), the recipient might have not noticed she had a new voice mail… there’s a whole plethora of possible answers. Besides, things went great the last time we saw each other. it doesn’t make sense that she would all the sudden get cold feet.

It just seems like irrelevant things have been bringing me down lately. And if I’m going to win in this particular arena, I need to learn to not let those affect me.

3 thoughts on “Optimism!

  1. I like that phrase “Delusion of Reference”…. and yeah, I think a lot of people in this situation have that problem.

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