Sunshine through the clouds

Love. Relationships.

I have so much to learn about both of those subjects, such as whether or not they’re even connected. Every day, just by talking to my friends and through my personal experience, I learn something new.

Today, I learned that breakup pains exist on both sides of a relationship. People who initiate breakups often experience a bit of guilt and regret. I experienced mine today.

They’re small and insignificant, and they really don’t affect me… except that they surprise me whenever they come up. Just seeing someone talking to her, seeing her active on Facebook. I don’t get it; they don’t bother me much, but I feel like I shouldn’t even have them.

I understand why we broke up. If I had the opportunity to stay together for the next two weeks, I wouldn’t. Dating her then was selfish of me then, and it would even be more selfish of me to do it now.

So even given the above, why still the attachment?

Anyway, one of my friends made my day when she said what I said to her was helpful. Via Facebook chat:

love is huge

and the worst part of it is, everyone needs to learn about it, but nobody can teach it

it’s something we have to learn through experience

lots and lots of painful experiences

but I really think each attempt is worth it

(Yeah, I just quoted myself. I know it is arrogant. Deal with it.)

It makes me feel that I know enough that I can teach a tiny bit and still have a lot to learn.

…and in other news, my second-to-last journalism project is done!

1 thought on “Sunshine through the clouds

  1. I remember this quote and remembered it helped me a lot that day. Love is…damn hard.But some people even don’t get to struggle from love. Only the people who finds their love can struggle and I think it is actually pretty lucky to be one of those ppl. Even tho there was a breakup, it is still great to get to meet someone you could love and someone who could love you back. If you think this way, it is actually pretty cool.

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