Bored at home

It really doesn’t look like I’ll be getting a day off anytime soon, so it’s good that I had a legit excuse to have a day off today.

Today is really the first day I’ve taken for myself. I went to the bank, straitened up my room, and continued working on a project that will hopefully kill a lot of time.

I’ve started on a book called Reviewing the Kanji. It’s a method to learn the meanings (not readings) of all 2046 everyday Kanji. I don’t know whether or not it will improve my Japanese. What I do know is that it’s a project that will take all break, and that it helps pass time. I work on it every night when I get home, and I’ve spent a considerable amount of my days of working on it.

I guess my point is this : It’s a sad existence when you’re constantly struggling to find ways to pass time.

I admit that I didn’t do a good job making my point.

1 thought on “Bored at home

  1. “If God wanted you to make a good point, he would have Miracled one by now, wouldn’t he?”

    A variation of a quote from Full Metal Jacket.

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