Existing vs Living

Here’s a bit of pragmatic philosophy.

People who talk with me and read my blog know that I’m fascinated with what our purpose in life is. The conclusion I came to is that we don’t have a purpose. I know, it sounds kind of nihilistic, but I think it’s kind of cool. Our lives are %100 open ended; we can take whatever path in life without all striving for the same goal. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I was looking around at the people who work with me today and I couldn’t help but ask myself, how many people around me are actually living? It’s one thing to exist; it’s something that’s forced upon us, and it’s pretty easy. But living? How much of it actually do it?

How many of us set goals, then discipline themselves to achieve them? How many of us say “I want to travel to Germany,” or “I want to run my own fortune 500 company” then put in the time and effort to achieve those goals?

This may be a bit extreme, but I look at falling into the same 9 to 5 rut as mere existence (assuming you hate your 9 to 5), and what’s the point in that? If life really has no “point,” then mere existence certainly  does not!

While living may fall into the category of “existentially absurd,” at least through living, you can carve your own path through absurdity and enjoy your existence.

To live, however, I feel that people need not be afraid to overcome barriers that stand between them and living. Some of these things can seem overwhelming (economic standing, socio-economic factors, parents), but these can be overcome through sheer determinism.


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