Upcoming Anniversery

My blog is almost a year old!

Earlier today, I was looking through some of my old blog posts. The tone has changed from wannabe-philosophical to pseudo-introspective, but has always included an assortment of things I liked or found interesting. But the later posts haven’t been positive like the previous ones have been.

This blog is “Bryan’s Sophia.” I want it to be a representation of things I love. So starting now, I’m hoping to turn this blog into a better representation of things I’m doing, things I’m interested in, and things that make my day.

I’m kicking it off with a blog re-design. The current design may be temporary. I’m hoping to find something that’s a little more “me.”

1 thought on “Upcoming Anniversery

  1. I’ve noticed that my blog posts tend to get negative, too. It’s not a reflection of my life being more negative, it’s just because I start neglecting my blog except when I’m feeling down.

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