If you haven’t noticed already…

I’ve put my blog through a bit of a re-design. I still need to touch up on some of the widgets and whatnot, but I enjoy how it looks so far.

My friend, who blogs at Ambivalent Monk, had a heavy influence over my design, even though I didn’t intend for it to be like that. First, I copy his theme. Then, I use a photo he took as my header. To his credit, it’s an awesome photo, but… I still feel like a copycat.

Anyway, enjoy! I’ll be sending everyone over to check out Ambivalent Monk’s Flickr site as soon as he sets one up (hint).

By the way, today is my Blog’s one year anniversary! Happy Birthday, blog! Despite the direction the blog has taken reacently, I’m happy with how this blog has evolved.

3 thoughts on “Re-Design

  1. Copycatting happens for a reason…usually it’s because it was a good idea.
    And given the meager number of layouts (and lack of total customizationability) it’s not too hard to find yourself copying someone else.
    Anyways…I like the new look.

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