Summer Sacrifice

This summer, I’m attempting to memorize all 2,000 Jouyo (essential?) kanji before continuing my studies of Japanese. It’s time consuming work. There have been days where I don’t review at all because I’m too tired/sick of staring at Kanji/whatever to keep going. But today, I forced myself to review  a little bit. Of course, that little bit turned into a decent study session.

By sacrificing a little bit of my free time during the summer, I make a significant step towards achieving something most Westerners think is impossible.

I’ve noticed that each summer has been about making a significant change in my life. Two summers ago, it was getting into the habit of running to stay in shape. Last summer, i changed my diet and gave up a bunch of different food types I loved in order to keep in shape. This summer, I’m throwing my free time out the window in order to learn 2,000 Chinese characters essential for reading in Japanese.

This is my last summer before I enter the ‘real world’ and am not able to dedicate summers to projects like I can now. As much as I hate coming back to Klamath Falls, I love having a complete lack of distraction to meet my goals.

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