Life Plan

Thinking about whether or not everyone on Earth has a plan for his or her life has kept me up at night on more than one occasion. Why? Because for a long time, I didn’t have one of my own.

But I keep slowly formulating mine, looking for an endpoint. I have a tentative one that I’m going to use for now, but it will be subject to change. Right now, the last step in my plan is to reside and work as a professional in the lovely city of San Francisco. Last time I visited, it was so beautiful that I decided that’s where I wanted to wind up.

I have other goals as well. These goals are not conflicting; in fact, I can apply a hierarchy to them and use one goal to lead to another.

My goals are as follow:

1. Live in San Francisco
2. Work abroad
3. Learn a foreign language
4. Work in the field of Public Relations
5. Live downtown somewhere

These goals are more complex than they appear on the surface. All of them have sub-goals, and many of them are sub-goals of other goals on the 5 point list. Here it is:

  1. San Francisco
    1. Make Enough money from job abroad

    1. Find a Job in the world of Public Relations

      1. Move Abroad

        1. Be established in the PR community

          1. One or two jobs in the PR Field

            1. Two internships by the time I enter the job market

            2. Social Media Presence

        2. Learn Japanese

          1. Read Japanese

            1. Finish “Remembering the Kanji”

            2. 10,000 Sentences

          2. Speak Japanese

            1. Finish “Remembering the Kanji”

            2. 10,000 sentences

That’s a rough sketch of how I’m going to get to where I want to get. But whenever I lose focus, I need to refer to this list.

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