New Summer Goal

I hate to sound like a girl caught up with a bit of extra fat, but I’ve noticed I’ve put on a few extra pounds. 3.5 more than normal.

I can see it on me when I look at myself in the mirror. It’s no big deal right now; I’m still pretty skinny. But those extra lbs came on quicker than they normally have. I wouldn’t even be posting about this normally. But I realized that I can take this news two different direction.s

I was thinking to myself earlier today if I should just not worry about it and should just let myself go. After all, everyone’s weight catches up to them eventually, right?

If this were a different time in my life, if I had the job, the dream house, and the girl, then maybe I would. But this is summer 2008, my last real chance to do nothing except for work on the things I want to work on. That includes my health.

I’m taking a stand against my weight gain. I’m going to fight it all summer. I’m going to fall back into my old diet. I’m going to run at nights. I’m not gong to let myself go.

2 thoughts on “New Summer Goal

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