Cave in

So, I finally decided to pay attention to that iPod shaped hole I had in my heart and purchased an iPod touch (the 8 gigabyte version). Even though I haven’t had time to play with it too much, I’m in love already. I bought it mainly because we have a large wireless network on campus and I hope to have wireless at my house. I think it would be fun to run around my apartment, touch in hand, and surf the net.

I ran to my favorite coffee house in Klamath Falls (Matteos) just so I could browse the web on my new iPod. My most-listened-to songs are already on the touch as well as a few of my favorite photos. Soon, I’m going to download a few apps that look interesting (mainly the WordPress app because the website keeps crashing on my iPod).

But I haven’t decided whether or not to use Jailbreak on it. Lifehacker seems to endorse it, and I like how some of the applications look on it, but I want a better understanding of how it works before I install it.

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