Time to get serious

I weighed myself: 167lbs. I’m eating unhealthy. I’m noticing little extra pockets of fat. Firefighting is keeping me “in shape” and keeping me relatively healthy. It won’t last forever, because I go back to school and will have nothing to keep me accountable for staying in shape. I can reach my health goals before going back to school; I’m seriously looking at my ‘breakthrough’ right in the face, but I’ve always had a problem finishing what I started, particularly when I only have a little to go to finish what I’ve started.

It’s time to stop fucking around.

Starting August 1st, I’m going back to my egg-pbj sandwich-chicken breast diet.  Every evening (or morning), I’ll be running. It’s a routine that’s not too difficult. I know because I did it last summer and it was easy and effective.

July 31st will be vice night. It will be the last night this summer that I’ll allow myself to eat like I have been.

Hopefully, my plan will pan out.

1 thought on “Time to get serious

  1. Lol…well…don’t overwork yourself since you’re firefighting.
    But I’m getting a bit of pudge, too, so we’re running when you get back. I’ve gotta get in shape for OCS!
    Please change your ITC schedule accordingly.

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