To you kids who check on this thing

1. Thank you
2. Sorry for the last post. I didn’t check my blog for a while and didn’t realize how utterly depressing it sounded. I’d like to think that’s not my style, but I’ve caught myself more than once doing that.


I learned a new Japanese phrase, and it’s quite useful:

And it’s kind of true. I’m used to getting up @7 every day to take my dad to work, going home, and leaving again at nine. I know a lot more about the job. I like a lot of the people better than I did last year. I don’t hate getting my days off canceled or going to a fire anymore.

But I’m still counting down the days. My unofficial counter has me at 14 days until I’m done with ODF (I should probably consult my official counter). There are so many things I want to do, such as go on the trip, drink with all my friends who are finally legal, go rafting, beach volleyball, ISO, throw responsibility to the wind for a couple of days at a time, ect.

It’s weird. I’ve finally reached a state of contentment, but I’m anxious at the same time. At the beginning of August, part of me felt I wasn’t ready to go back to Eugene because I felt it wasn’t my time. That’s a bit more maturity than I normally expect from myself.

But now, the Summer fever that I’ve been suppressing ever since I started at ODF this summer is threatening to make me want to damn responsibility and just go with the season. I can only keep it at bay by reminding myself that I only have 14 more days, but the days are getting longer and I’m becoming even more impatient.

Where am I going with this? I don’t know. All I know is that next year, I won’t have a summer to piss away like I normally do.

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