More day-to-day stuff

1. Our host student moved in our apartment today. My roomate and I are working on getting him set up with a cell phone (pre-paid), a bank account and (most importantly) a place to live during the school year. He’s a really cool guy and I’m planning on showing him around Eugene for most of tomorrow. Also, tomorrow will be his first full day in the US. I’m sure it will be exciting stuff for him.

2. Had dinner with the family that hosted us over winter break. They are amazing people and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to cook for them at least once, especially considering all they did for us. We’re meeting once more tomorrow… to go running. We only have 2.5 miles planned, so it should be pretty light. It will be one more chance to bond and my first stab at knocking off all that extra pudge.

3. Tomorrow will be my last full free day to myself, and I’m not so sure I’ll be sad to see it go. I’ve been looking forward to ISO, so much so that I came back 2 weeks early to be sure I didn’t miss it. Even though it is nice to have all this time to myself, I look forward to having something to do again. Plus, this will be one of my last opportunities to make a non-profit effort that benefits the international community at the University of Oregon.

4. I’ve been reading through my ex-girlfriend’s blog taking particular note when she mentions me. I’ve always felt that I was a decent boyfriend to her, but I was a horrible ex-boyfriend. She was going through her first year of college which, as we college veterans know, is a very difficult time. But being the needy person I was, I really think I detracted from her experience.

I’ve caught myself wondering if I’m still as needy now as I was then. I never had the amount of emotional support that I did before I met her, and when it was gone, I sucked every last bit of it away that I could, and I think I damaged my relationship with her. Growing apart from her, as difficult as that was, really helped me become a better person. I wish I had thanked her for that the last time I saw her.

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