A break between ISO training and the beginning of ISO

Today, we celebrated the constitution in true fashion by going to a plot of public land outside of Eugene and exercizing our second amendment rights. It felt a little nostalgic when we got out of city limits and were driving by all the farming communities and up the improved roads. We shot an AR-15 (my first time), a .357 magnum (again, a first for me), a .22 rifle with a scope and a Glock (never shot a glock before either). All in all, a good time, especially since I haven’t shot a gun since I was 16.

Korean BBQ came next! I’m glad Sean told me that it moved from Brail’s and to House of Noodle in downtown Eugene because otherwise, I might have never been able to find the best KBBQ in Eugene. Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop is amazing; if you ever have the chace, get it! They serve it in a hot stone pot so that the rice gets crispy at the bottom. Also, the spicy bean curd paste they serve is awesome. I’m sure I could have eaten two bowls.

Also, we had our ISA house reunion party. Long story short, did I ever feel out of place.

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