ISO: An amazing experience

It’s Wednesday, and ISO is practically finished. I had been waiting for two years to be an ISO leader (because I kept moving in my apartment too late), but I’m so glad that I was able to be a leader. I was also fortunate to be paired up with group leaders that were easy to get along with.

Normally, I complain incessently when I have to wake up early mornings in order to be somewhere, but for ISO, it was worth every sleepless moment. There were times when I felt that we were present as ISO leaders for no reason at all, but even when we weren’t needed, I still enjoyed myself.

There was a lot of time for fun. Between the Social Butterfly dance, the picnic, and the various house parties, I was able to enjoy myself more than I normally do.

My ISO group, group 14!

My ISO group, group 14!

During ISO, I often times felt as if I wasn’t making any sort of connections with my student group members. Our groups were pretty flimsy for the most part, and the group distinctions tended to fall apart after day 2.

But during the weekend, many of the students took initiative to call me and ask for advice or help with stuff related to being a UO student. Some of them even recognized me as that crazy ISO leader guy at Socail Butterfly and around campus. I know most of them will go off and do their own thing further into the year, but I’m glad that just maybe I made a couple of real connections.

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