Someday you will find me…

I glanced at my last post and, despite it being just a schedule of my daily routine, it made me think: if I read this blog 50 years from now, what type of stuff will I want to see written down?

For example: a class schedule looks really lame on my blog right now, but what about in 50 years? I think it would be kind of cool to look back 50 years from now and think ‘Oh wow, I remember that class.’ Day-to-day accounts are also somewhat redundant on a blog, but I think it would be fun to look back and read about the time I went to the Tracktown buffet with my friends, or the time I failed at dressing up as an emo kid for Halloween.

I know I have written down my thoughts and my beliefs at various times on my blog, and as embarrassing as it is to read them a year or two later, it’s also refreshing to see that I was, at the very least, attempting to analyze my convictions.

From now on, I’m going to keep this whole idea of looking back 50 years from now in the back of my head whenever I post. Who knows, maybe this whole blogging thing will actually be worthwhile to me in the long run.

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