It’s getting better all the time

A little better. Today got me re-energized (a little bit) about the public relations practice in general. Listening to guest speakers is inspiring because you get to hear a little bit more about the world of PR than you do from your professors and instructors. On top of that, you get a whole ‘nother wold of experience and knowledge seperate from your instructor’s set.

And to top it off, today wasn’t a bad day overall. I was just really tired going into it, but that’s to be expected I suppose. I only got 6 hours of sleep yesterday, so it’s not entirely bad that I slowly drudged through the day.

On another note I’ve realized that I’m beginning to loose contact with a lot of people who were at important spots in my life last year. I really need to get better at that, and I hope to be more dilligent about maintaining my friendships with them. In my daily checkbook, I’ve given myself a few reminders about who I need to spend time with.

2 thoughts on “It’s getting better all the time

  1. Good on you to keep maintaining friendships. But sometimes you just aren’t compelled to hang out with someone, and I personally don’t like to force hanging out.
    As long as in your checkbook you have “Less Crime, Jobs, and Roads”, you can do whatever you like!

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