A lot is going on up there

Numbered lists are so useful when I’m thinking about a lot of things at once.

1. Last night and this morning re-affirmed my belief that if you’re gonna drink hard, drink good beer. Good beer=little or no hangover the next morning. I had six drinks last night and woke up feeling… ok, not great, but definitely not hung over either.

2. One of my friends pointed out to me that professors can be some of the most idealistic people in the world. And after having read this, I have to agree with him. Every time I see someone with such faith in a political party or particular politician, I become a little uneasy. But then, I think of something that Michael Moore (yeah, him of all people) said:

People have a right to trust in their government

He said this in reference to president Bush, and I think I agree with him.

3. I think the WordPress clock is screwed up because I’m sure I didn’t blog yesterday, but there’s a post that says it was written yesterday anyway. Which means that technically I blew my commitment to write every day like I said I would, but WordPress says I did.

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