My thoughts on #followfriday

Today is #followfriday!

It probably looks odd for me to celebrate Follow Friday, especially after I wrote an entry about me not following people back. And while it’s true that 103 people is hard for me to keep track of, I always have room for an interesting tweeter. I just don’t have enough room for another “social media expert.” I’m following a couple of those already, and their advice is more than enough for me.

So having said that, I’m eager to follow other people that cater to my interests, and I’m big on sharing my favorite tweeters with others.

There is, however, one type of tweeter that I will not follow, even if I am interested in them. Those are the tweeters that only tweet when they post new blog entries. We have a couple of those on my campus that try to follow me, and every once in a while I’ll get a blog or a newspaper following me on twitter.

I think that both of these types of accounts are redundant and I will not follow them. I can sign up for an RSS feed of a blog I like, and I know when to check most news papers for updates (for our on campus newspaper, it’s 12:30 a.m.).

That’s not to say I don’t follow bloggers who post their new blog entries on twitter (I’d be a hypocrit because I do this too). But if the blogger isn’t bringing anything new to my twitter feed that I can’t get on his blog (for example, a blogger that only tweets his blog posts), why would I follow that blogger?

So just to recap, Follow Friday can be good, and I feel that certain types of tweeters are unecessary to follow. Agree with what I said? Think I’m being too uptight with who I do and don’t follow? Feel free to leave feedback.

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