Tweeting the State of the Union

I love tweeting events (except for the Oscars; I’m not a fan unfortunately). Not only is it fun to give my insight, it’s fun to read and respond to what other people are saying about the event. Especially if the person tweeting is actually present at the event.

One of the people I follow is @johnculberson, a republican representative from Texas. While I do not agree with a lot of what he says, I can always rely on his updates to get the mood and feel of Washington. Check out some of his tweets:

We are all reading thr official copy of speech and waiting – these lights are blinding

All our seats are first come first serve – we sit wherever we want – the Congressmen on the aisle got here real early

This is always an awe inspiring experience no matter who is President – we celebrate our Republic and our great institutions tonight

It’s a type of live reporting that you cannot get on your TV screen. Politicians with mobile devices that connect to twitter can give you a feel of the speech that no reporter can accurately duplicate. The same goes for the Oscars (although I don’t know of any celebs up for nomination who tweeted during the event).

The only thing I wished was that I had a group of politicians at the event grouped in a search bar so I could interact with more of what they were saying. That would be a new direction Twitter could go in: featured groups that aggregate the tweets of prominent people at an event that tweet (like tweeting congressmen and senators at the State of the Union) . 

I found that tweeting from my iPod touch was the most effective way for me to watch the event and make updates and commentary. @johnculberson used TwitterBerry, which didn’t allow him to look at replies. I’m interested to find out how people tweeted from their computers (for example, if they watched it live of and had a client like tweet deck running in the background). 

Tonight helped me realize that tweeting can make political events more democratic. It can give us a platform to interact with our politicians and political events, and it also provides a medium for us to voice our opinions to politicians that listen.

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