Why I’m following THEM

I know, I know. In an earlier post, I laid out exactly how picky I am when it comes to following different people, and now I’m following 2 people who followed me first. It seems hypocritical. What did they do to get me to follow them that was different than what everyone else does?

  1. They are tweeting about something that interests me. Right now, I’m obsessed with the state of the Republican party. This is not because I’m necessarily a Republican (I do have some fiscal conservative leanings), but I’m interested in how one person is using his personality to become the face of the party. I’m also interested in the bailout plan (aren’t we all) and how that plan and the President’s budget is going to affect our economy. @jaredmck saw a tweet I made about the bailout and followed me. I checked out his tweets, and I found out he is pretty passionate about the bailout too. That simple commonality was enough for me to follow him.
  2. They respond to my tweets and engage me. @jaredmck responded to one of my tweets after I started following him. @ashlandweb followed me first, then responded to a question I posted on twitter with an insightful answer. I didn’t think twice about following that person back.

Simply put, these two people were interesting to me and they both engaged me. So I’m following them… for now. When two tweeters follow each other, it’s has gotta be because benefits are mutual between the two tweeters. Otherwise, they’re just wasting time.

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