How I almost won a MacBook air!

I created this presentation for my Advanced PR Writing class last year. I posted the slides on Slideshare so I could show my friends. Next thing I know, my slide show is featured on the front page and I’m in the running to win a free MacBook air. Turns out I didn’t win the competition, but I had a great time reading all the feedback that people left me.

The presentation was created for the International Student Association. I created it while being employed by them to do public relations work. Here’s the presentation:

7 thoughts on “How I almost won a MacBook air!

  1. Way to go, Bryan! I just watched the slideshow again; you did a terrific job. I just tweeted your blog post too.

  2. Thanks Saifo! This was the first time I ever created a slideshow using Presentation Zen (, and thanks to that method (and some helpful tips from my Adv. PR Writing Prof), this slideshow is by far the most effective slideshow I’ve ever created.

    Thanks for your help on the presentation, Tiffany. It wouldn’t have been as good as it was without your input. Also, thanks for tweeting it too.

  3. Hello from J452, fall 2009! Tiffany pointed us to your presentation as a great example; we’re prepping our projects right now and seeing yours was so helpful! I’m curious about your graphics/photos – I thought they were awesome! Where did you find them? Any tips you could offer would be hugely appreciated 🙂 Thanks, Bryan!

  4. Hey Katie,

    I’m flattered that Tiffany would do that! My graphics and photos were obtained through The images aren’t as good as those that you have to pay for, but it did fine for my project. I also used Power Point instead of keynote. Keynote is more designer friendly, but if you already know what you want, PPT will get the job done. Best of luck!

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