Hope in Doubt

Whenever I get down, depressed, and feel hopeless, I take refuge in doubt.

Let me explain.

I have come to believe that people  form a world view through which all their experiences and learned truths are filtered through. The longer we go through life, the more rigid this world view tends to become, and it happens to the extent that all of the knowledge we acquire and everything we experience happens solely within the filter we put it through.  Those of us with an attitude of self doubt believe that our losses and failures drive our lives and find ways to turn our positives into failures; those of us with religious perspectives see facts and experiences in the context of a God, gods or religion; those of us with an attitude of perseverance see life through the context of something that can and must constantly be overcome; ect.

And here I sit at the ripe old age of 24, still trying to refine my world view into something that more accurately reflects the actual state of my world and occasionally thinking I’ve got it right. And sometimes this bothers me, because my view might switch to something more negative or something I don’t like.

But, I’m all of 24 years old. Old enough to not know everything and young enough to keep trying to figure everything out.  And so when I get down, I just remind myself that I’m probably wrong, that there are wiser and more experienced people out there who have perspectives that don’t match up to mine.

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