I have something to fight against.

In Japan, I got a little fat. For reasons I will discuss in another blog, I got a bit of a gut, and I’m happy. Why?

(Warning: Cliche approaching) Basically, it’s put up or shut up time. It’s “am I healthy because I’ve always been healthy?” vs “Am I healthy because I lead a healthy lifestyle” time. I’m so eager to prove to myself that I can and will, at any time, manage my health. And I’m 100% devoted to kicking my belly’s ass. Seriously, I’m going to run the shit out of my stomach. I’m going to eat so healthy that my stomach has no choice but to once again display the fine muscles that lie underneath it. I’m gonna outrun my brother in the butte to butte competition in Eugene because I know it’s in me.

I’m not going to let this keep me down. I’m not going to give into laziness, sloth and complacency. I’m going to prove that this thing cannot beat me.

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