Why am I still doing this?

I am now a paid writer!

I work freelance for an online company that distributes its articles to popular websites. I get paid per article, meaning the more I write, the more I make. There are no shortage of writing assignments, although there are a shortage of writable assignments.

In addition, I know how to blog for money. I’ve been working on a blog that I’m going to develop into something successful, but I’m going to keep it under wraps until I decide its ready to be unveiled.

And yet, here I am, secretly plugging away at this blog that isn’t marketable and will never make me a dime. I waste valuable time that I could be using researching or writing other articles.

This blog is nothing more than a dance with a dream. It’s merely a slew of mental regurgitation that makes little sense to outside readers. It’s a disorganized mixture of thoughts, feelings and desires.

But I love this blog, which is why I’ll keep doing it until my desire to do so burns out. I swear there is no other site on the Internet like mine. There is no other place where I can share my feelings with the world and still be vague enough to maintain some sense of privacy. I can rant against anything, tangible or intangible, on this blog. I can express myself and not worry about who is going to see what I write nor worry about what anyone says, because on this site, I am always right.

I love this blog. It will never support me financially, but it will always keep me clear headed.

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