Follow Friday: A Suggestion

I love follow Friday. It’s a fun way to share with other tweeters who I follow and who I think should follow them.

But recently, I’ve been rethinking the way I do follow Friday, and this has actually kept me from doing it most Fridays. These are the changes I would make:

First: One person per tweet. I see so many tweets that have five or six people I should follow, and often times the names get lost among the text.

Second: A short reason why this person should be followed. My biggest beef with follow Friday has been that I have no idea why I should be following these lists of people, and it doesn’t matter if the list is coming from a tweeter I highly respect. In fact, I think it only encourages twitter spam because spammers have easy access to other lists of people to follow. However, if someone gave me a reason why I should follow them, I would be more inclined to at least check their twitter stream.

I suppose my ideal FF tweet would look like this:

#ff @ap_stlye for great grammar tips and immediate updates to the stylebook.

Several of these a day on Friday would be appropriate in my opinion, and would give me a better idea of who I want to follow.

What do you guys think? Is follow Friday fine the way it is or does it need to be amended?

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