Will You End Your Blog?

As this is my blog of record, I suppose I should do a better job updating it than I have recently. But it’s mine to do as I wish with, so I’m not going to worry about updating it freely too much.

I’ve been listening to “For Immediate Release,” which is a pretty awesome podcast about the public relations industry. One of the episodes mentioned Derek K. Miller, a technology blogger and early Internet adapter. Recently, his blog has gotten a fair amount of attention due to the fact that his final blog post was published after he died. Miller had stage 4 metastatic colorectal cancer. He wrote his last post knowing he was going to die soon, and intended it to be a way to finalize his blog that he had been keeping for more than ten years.

With so many blogs being abandon, so many projects abandoned (Youtube channels, podcasts, ect), should bloggers who are giving up on a blog write a “farewell” post? I point the finger at myself mostly as I write this, because I’ve certainly abandoned a few blogs and Youtube channels. But if a man who is at the end of his life has the clairvoyance to end a blog properly, what does it say about us who abandon such projects without second thought?

I hope this blog stays updated as I go through life. But if I ever decide to abandon it permanently, someone please remind me to do it the right way.

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