Windows Live Suite

Ok, I’m thinking about making the switch from traditional web clients (GMail, WordPress, Blogger, ect.) to using Windows Live.


Simply put, these programs are shiny. And like a two-year-old, I am attracted to shiny objects. Will these programs lose their luster? Undoubtedly. Will I find value in using Live programs after using them for a while? That’s the hope. I’m going to try to find out why using these programs is more beneficial than, say, using GMail to keep up on my email. Besides, as far as I know, Live doesn’t have stats for your blog like WordPress and Blogger do.

Am I going to lose interest and abandon this project?

You can bet money on it. Look at my history of trying to remain consistent with projects that are not related to work… like, say… my youtube channel.

My Goal:

I am going to make a commitment to using these programs on a weekly basis. I’m going to highlight what I like, what I don’t like and what I would change. And, eventually, I’ll determine which program I would rather use and try to use that consistently.

In case of a tie, habit will win, meaning that if Windows Live Mail and GMail are equivalent in my eyes, I’ll be using GMail because I’m a creature of habit. If you need proof, watch me type the word habit. Two “b’s” instinctively.

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